Monday, 19 May 2014

Planner and Links

Righto troops...there is a lot to read here...take your time... it is all you'll need for the next couple of days. If you don't understand...ask.  You'll need to show perseverance, motivation and inspiration this week.


I have included a blank planner. Make your own copy, post it to your writing folder (even though it will include maths, and topic-its got to go somewhere!). Make sure that what ever you decide to work on, document it. Write down what it is (oral language, writing, reading, maths, etc...) and decide what it is you are learning, or wanting to learning (which becomes your W.A.L.T) and write that down as well. When i get back, we'll talk about what worked well and what didn't. Don't worry about making mistakes!

Planner link


If you go to the Something to Say blog you'll find all the literacy links you'll need for the next couple of days for reading/writing and oral language. Because I am so nice I am giving you options. You can pick and choose what you'd like to do, but you must plan. Also...if you feel like blogging, blog! Don't forget that you don't always have to blog on your own about commenting on someone else's? For example, check out this moment in time from Hannah's blog. What a great visual, and in only 3 sentences! Have a go yourself!

Wondering what a piece of writing is supposed to include? Use this link to the Structure and Language notes. Its a bit 'Teachery',(made up word alert!) but it may be useful.

Argument writing GUILTY or INNOCENT? This is going to become a speech (or at least a practice one). I have included lots of links, rubrics and a SOLO marking guide. Use them!

The Literacy Shed. An amazing website with lots of ideas to inspire. Most of these are short videos. You may find something exciting to write about.  My favourite...

Memory The other day we began a small peiece of writing about a memory. You could continue on with that. He is a link to a sightly different piece.

50 word story.There is no SOLO rubric for this one. Your WALTS would be the ideas in the bullet points for this activity.

Absolute nonsense


You are already very successful at this, in filling in your own 'gaps' and working forward. I have stop giving you tasks because you are doing it for yourselves. Please continue. Don't forget that 1 1/2 hrs is a long time to be hunched over a laptop working. Have a 5 min break and refresh. Plan what you are doing and post evidence to your drive. 

Genius Hour

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon you can begin your genius hour presentations. Last term you filled in a form that told me what you wanted to do. Have another look at it. Decide on a topic (or someone else's) and go for it. It needs to be 'gutsy'. I don't want a bunch of presentations with pictures of your favourite team and a list of boring facts.. (snoozefest!). This is your chance to do a 'project' on something you've always wanted to do. It needs to excite you. These are individual works-please don't work with anyone else. 

The Playin' in the Sandpit (Genius Hour) form

Have fun. Play nice! See you Thursday.

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