Sunday, 18 May 2014

Home Learning Wk 3

Righto troops. I hope you enjoy your break away from me! I will be back on Thursday. This week there will be school wide jump jam. Hopefully the weather is not too rotten and you can get outside to do it. Please all join in and model for the juniors. They look up to you and will copy you.

Please don't forget to login to both chrome and drive. That way I can help out if you need me...just flick me a message.

Here are this weeks homelearning



Continue to work on your speed skills/basic facts (maths buddy link now top right)


Here's a poem I found that I thought you might like. The task requires you to spot certain words, rhyme and alliteration. If you can't remember what alliteration is click on this link . Scroll down to where is says How to identify alliteration.

Make sure you take a copy and put it in your 'Home Learning' folder . Work straight on the doc. 

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