Monday, 23 March 2015

Home Learning Links Wk8

Here are your Home Learning Links...enjoy!


Group 1
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Group 4

Spelling Response Form


This weeks task is easy...complete a mathsbuddy task (what you're currently working on in class is fine), and post the results on your blog. Once you finish your task, you'll need to save the report as a PDF, then open that up in and save it. Once you have an image file (.jpg) you can then put it on your blog-me or others for help to do this task. Don't forget to write a sentence or two about your learning.


This week you have a simple cloze reading activity. Its the sort of one that has the most points in the STAR its worth practicing

Monday, 16 March 2015

Home Learning Links

Here are this weeks Home Learning Links



Spelling Response Form


Complete a comprehensive test in a new area of study. Save the PDF to your drive.


Following on from last weeks field trip, this weeks science looks at things in or near a waterway, and how they affect one another. You may want to cut the activity up or cut and paste the sentences that match. Cutting and pasting would be easier...make a table with 2 columns and just cut each sentence into it. Please make a copy of the science first!

Each sentence is linked to another. You just need to match the right ones together. Begin by reading the sentence in italics, then find the answer that matches. You then get another italic sentence underneath, which you'll need to match...and so on. If you've done it right, the last sentence should bring you back to your first 'card'. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

Monday, 9 March 2015

Virtual Field Trip

Heres a map of where we are off to tomorrow...virtually!

Week 6

Here are the links for this weeks Home Learning



Continue on with the strand you chose last time and keep any evidence in your Drive. Does everyone know how to create a PDF of the assessment sheet? If not ask. Don't forget to take a comprehensive test at the end to show your improvement.


This week we are going on a Virtual Field Trip. One of the activities we'll be doing is trapping pests. Here is a activity that identifies pests and who is responsible for controlling them. TAKE A COPY and put it in your TOPIC folder in your Drive.

Are we there yet!

This week we are going on a Virtual Field Trip to the Ashburton Lakes district. Here's what we are doing;
  • ride a jet boat up the spectacular Rangitata River
  • get to know DOC rangers
  • see how rivers connect places and people: how the surrounding land affects the river and how the river affects fish, birds and people
  • discover the secret world of salmon
  • climb into your waders to search for freshwater fish and invertebrates in the braided rivers
  • investigate wetland recreation such as sport fishing
  • explore inter-montane basins of inland South Canterbury
  • discover the plants and animals that threaten our wetlands
  • trap pests using a motion-sensor camera
  • gather people's different points of view about this wetland
  • see how special plants and animals within this ecosystem are interconnected and how they have adapted to survive in this harsh alpine environment
  • catch skinks and geckos in a fall trap
  • monitor the black fronted tern population that lives on Canterbury's braided rivers and discover what is being done to counter threats to these species and their surroundings
  • get your feet wet to learn how wetland plants affect water quality
  • take water quality measurements
  • gain an appreciation of the special value of Ō Tū Wharekai to Māori
We are going to be tired after all of that!!! Don't forget to check out our blogs to see where we are and what we're doing.

Click here for a link that introduces where we are going and what we'll be doing. You'll need the login and password.

Login; greymain14
Password; mrwood14

Friday, 6 March 2015

Assembly Wk5

This week we are presenting in assembly!!!. If you missed it here are all the links. ENJOY! If anyone has a device here today and would like to comment on any work...we would appreciate it!

Jake's Cricket Video.

Jake made a short video of himself playing cricket and posted this. He's playing 4 way cricket. Jake starts the video by saying hello and introducing himself. Great work Jake!


We are currently investigating 'Kitchen Science'. We are completing simple experiments with things that we can find in our cupboards at home. This week we've begun an investigation on our taste buds

What are taste buds? What do they do? 

Our tongues have four basic types of taste buds: bitter, sour, salty, and sweet. Our taste buds are located in specific areas on our tongues. Our experiment was to find out where these particular places are.

Heres a short video of our first run through.

Our next experiment will be to repeat the same test but to find out what happens if you block your nose, if your tongue is completely dry. We'll keep you posted. Come back and find out!

Last week we completed some investigations into some science ideas that we'd like to find out about

Newtonian Fluids
Taste Buds


Here is a snapshot of some of the writing we've written so far this term.

Rules of Summer
Rules of Summer Heres a link to the writing blog,

Utter Nonsense
Writing without worrying too much about content means that you sometimes get some fantastic dream-like gems of writing.
Lukes Absolute Nonsense

Shemira's 10 Lies

Most days, we warmup to writing by writing 2 rounds of 3 minutes of PowerWriting. 

Saxons 'I don't know'

Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 5

Halfway though the term already!!!

This week we are testing and these results will be available at the end and the beginning of the next (I'll have the weekend to mark!).

Well done everyone who used their time wisely and put enthusiasm into their little science investigation. I am looking forward to the presentations! Please make sure you put the evidence of your hard work on your blog.

Here's a link to the terms Key Coms if anybody has missed it. Put the evidence on your blog.

Here are this weeks HomeLearning links


Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

Spelling Response form


Complete a comprehensive test in a new area of maths and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Set yourself tasks to improve. Resit the test and bring me the evidence. Save the tests as PDFs (when you print, you can change it to PDF there. Save to Drive. Put on your blog)


Here is a nice little identifying and clasifiying tasks on cute cuddly wetas. Make sure you save a copy to your Topic Folder.