Monday, 16 March 2015

Home Learning Links

Here are this weeks Home Learning Links



Spelling Response Form


Complete a comprehensive test in a new area of study. Save the PDF to your drive.


Following on from last weeks field trip, this weeks science looks at things in or near a waterway, and how they affect one another. You may want to cut the activity up or cut and paste the sentences that match. Cutting and pasting would be easier...make a table with 2 columns and just cut each sentence into it. Please make a copy of the science first!

Each sentence is linked to another. You just need to match the right ones together. Begin by reading the sentence in italics, then find the answer that matches. You then get another italic sentence underneath, which you'll need to match...and so on. If you've done it right, the last sentence should bring you back to your first 'card'. 

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