Friday, 6 March 2015

Assembly Wk5

This week we are presenting in assembly!!!. If you missed it here are all the links. ENJOY! If anyone has a device here today and would like to comment on any work...we would appreciate it!

Jake's Cricket Video.

Jake made a short video of himself playing cricket and posted this. He's playing 4 way cricket. Jake starts the video by saying hello and introducing himself. Great work Jake!


We are currently investigating 'Kitchen Science'. We are completing simple experiments with things that we can find in our cupboards at home. This week we've begun an investigation on our taste buds

What are taste buds? What do they do? 

Our tongues have four basic types of taste buds: bitter, sour, salty, and sweet. Our taste buds are located in specific areas on our tongues. Our experiment was to find out where these particular places are.

Heres a short video of our first run through.

Our next experiment will be to repeat the same test but to find out what happens if you block your nose, if your tongue is completely dry. We'll keep you posted. Come back and find out!

Last week we completed some investigations into some science ideas that we'd like to find out about

Newtonian Fluids
Taste Buds


Here is a snapshot of some of the writing we've written so far this term.

Rules of Summer
Rules of Summer Heres a link to the writing blog,

Utter Nonsense
Writing without worrying too much about content means that you sometimes get some fantastic dream-like gems of writing.
Lukes Absolute Nonsense

Shemira's 10 Lies

Most days, we warmup to writing by writing 2 rounds of 3 minutes of PowerWriting. 

Saxons 'I don't know'


  1. Awesome assembly Room 14. I loved your taste buds video. I also liked your 'rules' writing! Well done!


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