Friday, 2 September 2016

Perspective drawing

WALT: Construct simple shapes using 2 vanishing points.

This week we began to construct simple cuboids with two vanishing points. The vanishing points give our drawing its 3D look. If we position our shape on the horizon line we can only see two of its faces. If we contract out shape above or below the horizon line we can see 3 faces.

I think the hardest part we found was the cross over of the vertices to the opposite vanishing point.

Below is a short video we made to take you through it step by step.


  1. Kia Ora Room 14, I loved how you made a video to show how to do Perspective drawing. How long did it take you to do your own drawings?
    Mai Ruby

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  4. Hi i'm Conroy from Waikowhai Primary in Room 7. I thought that your description was excellent and the video of drawing of a 3D shape. If you would like to visit my blog just type in

  5. Hi I'm Hilary in Room 9 from Waikowhai Primary School. The vanishing points and the 3D shape.
    How did you do the vanishing points?! This is a link to my blog:
    Feel free to comment on my blog.

  6. Hi room 14
    I like the work that you did on the art it looked really cool that was so good the 3D shape was so good because lots of people will not be able to do that.

    From Felix

  7. Hi Room 14 my name is Chase i like your art it is really cool i like
    your art because it is awesome. Come check out my blog @

  8. hi room 14 my name is pila i like your art it looks cool and fun a wish i was there here i my blog


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