Thursday, 30 April 2015


Welcome to Rm 14s assembly item. This term we’ve been flat stick already. We’ve been to Dixon Park, Gallipoli, we’ve spied on the weird Neighbour next door and we've even been to Nelson and Kaikoura exploring earthquakes, tsunami and landslides.

If you look over to where we arent in the hall you will see some of the art we made to commemorate ANZAC day. The artwork uses positive and negative space. Behind the poppies are the beach and hills of ANZAC cove. Here are some more.

At the start of our investigation of ANZAC day and what it means, we investigated a letter that was sent by Ethel Martin to her boyfriend Henry Nicholas. Henry received the Victoria cross for bravery. He never got Ethels letter and he died 19 days before the end of the war.If you would like to read more about him go to the blog. We used this and a poem by Ashleigh Young to inspire us to write.

Ra's, Skye, Lukes

This week we’ve been on a virtual field trip to Kaikoura, Nelson and Seddon, investigating earthquake, tsunami and landslides. Yesterday we participated in an audioconference. Here is the first few minutes. If you’d like to hear more, go to our blog

Audio conference

And finally we’ve spied on the weird neighbour next door. No not really! What’s he building in there? Mr wood played us a music video by an American singer/songwriter called Tom Waiits. Its a bit weird. We had a go at making our own. Here's Finns

We hoped to enjoyed our assembly. See you soon.

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  1. Hi Room weirding
    Cool Assembly!
    Well done
    From Caitlin


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