Friday, 16 March 2018


Welcome to our whole school Assembly


This week we have been working on a beautiful maths puzzle. Dutch artist Pieter Mondrian is famous for creating abstract artwork based on geometric shapes.

Our goal was to 'paint' an artwork just like Mondrian, but every rectangle had to be different. Each rectangle also had a score-the value of its area. The goal was to make the smallest total possible for each sized canvas. We did this by subtracting the smallest value away from the largest.

In writing this week we have been writing Found Poems. These are a lot like a word collage. To create a found poem you can find words anywhere and rearrange them...we took our words from last week's school newsletter... here are some examples


Griffen's Acrostic Poem

We have just finished reading Theodore Taylor's book The Cay. Here are some of the artifacts we have created.

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