Wednesday, 26 February 2014

50 Word Story Challenge

WALT: write a very, very, very short story!

This was a lot of fun! It took a lot longer than most expected to get 'right'. The goal was to write a complete story in 50 words (not including title-which could also be used to extend the story). We had to do a lot of re-crafting, as every word that to pull it's weight and not be wasted. Here are a couple...more to be added!

THE END       

                                                                                                 I saw it.Rubble fracturing like glass,turning countryside and cities into a continent of debris. The world, a dimension of blackness. Torsos, separated from their bodies, lay lifeless. A dark god is having fun.
“ Time to pack up the Lego, Kaedyn and head back to class!”
“Ok Mrs O!”    

Kaedyn Buchanan


The screeching, screaming sound echoed inside my head. One slip,she fell down, down into the misty darkness of night. Sometimes people have accidents, (but this was no accident). At the bottom of the cliff lay an innocent young body. Did I just witness a murder? Or was that me?

Molly McGuire

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I'm not there I'm here!!!

Wee Fergus
Hello everyone! Today I am at home because my wife is unwell and can't look after poor wee Fergus. I will include my planner as a link here but will also explain what I want done...Don't forget i can track you from here!!! I wonder if I can get Skype going

So if you see the plan it says...

  • Roll & Admin (Sharon can do that.)

  • Punctuation & Grammar- we are starting with an easy one! Follow this link to an activity called "the Monster". There are 7 commas that need to be added. MAKE A COPY AND PUT IN SPELLING! Make your commas a different colour please. Then go to study-ladder. And complete the activity there. Both should be about commas again There should be two. I will print off and pin your logins onto the wall. 
  • Literacy-50 word stories. Make sure you have evidence of sharing these with someone so you can get feedback. Get you buddy to say where the strong and weak parts are. Be honest! Use the SOLO rubric to assess. If you haven't got on click here
  • Silent Reading (10-15mins)
  • Basic Facts Test (5mins)
  • Maths- Continue on with Maths Buddy. I may even get time today to set you up into groups!
  • Silent Reading after lunch
  • Playing in the Sandpit-continue on with your investigations. How about make a guide that you could laminate of things to tick off that you may see. Sort of like Bingo.
Have a great day. Email me if you need help. It will go to my phone and then i can have a look on the computer. 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Homelearning Wk4

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Spelling Response Form

After we get back from camp we will being some science inquiry. We need to begin to look at the idea of a 'fair test'. Have a go at this activity.
Fair Test
Fair Test response form

Once again continue to fill in your gaps. Make sure you post the activities completed to your drive as proof. When we get back from camp we will have group work

Friday, 14 February 2014

Absolute Nonsense!

Yesterday we looked at nonsense writing. The idea was to avoid the "Common Sense Policeman" and just let ideas and scenarios fall out of our heads. I think It was a very successful exercise. Many of these pieces of writing had a strange dream-like feeling. Enjoy.

The adventures of the fat flying whale (a nonsense story) By Skye 

Once upon a time a long time ago, someone batted a whale and then the whale flew into a  basketball. The basketball hit Princess Rebuska in the head then she died. Then her cow finally got to wear her bra and knickers for the first time waddling down the road singing “It’s worth it by Jackie Thomas. The next day she woke up on the moon on a floating cow that was jumping into a bowl of crushed up aliens that was slowly being run over by a bulldozer on its way tot Pluto to deliver some kindly donated pizza from the sun. The pizza blew up then and this stupid story came to an end.

(untitled) By Luke

There once was a boy called Bob. He cut sausages into giraffes. Then the hippos all laughed and said, “You are crazy”. Everyone knows hippos make better patties.

So she sat in the garden painting her roses blue then walked inside and put some in the fishbowl where the sharks slept peacefully.She lept down the stairs and fell into a well where she meet a lion with wings,who flew her back out to Antarctica where she saw zebras sunbathing on the ice,so she lept into a canoe which was driven by a camel.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Home Learning Wk2

You'll find this weeks homelearning by following the links below. Once complete fill in the google forms to record how well you went. Good luck!

  • science make sure you make a copy
For maths all  would like yo to do this week is to is to show your parents how to logon to MathsBuddy  using the parent logon (using your user name and password). Simple!

Friday, 7 February 2014


PHEW! One week down! I think we should have a day off during the week, EVERY WEEK!