Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I'm not there I'm here!!!

Wee Fergus
Hello everyone! Today I am at home because my wife is unwell and can't look after poor wee Fergus. I will include my planner as a link here but will also explain what I want done...Don't forget i can track you from here!!! I wonder if I can get Skype going

So if you see the plan it says...

  • Roll & Admin (Sharon can do that.)

  • Punctuation & Grammar- we are starting with an easy one! Follow this link to an activity called "the Monster". There are 7 commas that need to be added. MAKE A COPY AND PUT IN SPELLING! Make your commas a different colour please. Then go to study-ladder. And complete the activity there. Both should be about commas again There should be two. I will print off and pin your logins onto the wall. 
  • Literacy-50 word stories. Make sure you have evidence of sharing these with someone so you can get feedback. Get you buddy to say where the strong and weak parts are. Be honest! Use the SOLO rubric to assess. If you haven't got on click here
  • Silent Reading (10-15mins)
  • Basic Facts Test (5mins)
  • Maths- Continue on with Maths Buddy. I may even get time today to set you up into groups!
  • Silent Reading after lunch
  • Playing in the Sandpit-continue on with your investigations. How about make a guide that you could laminate of things to tick off that you may see. Sort of like Bingo.
Have a great day. Email me if you need help. It will go to my phone and then i can have a look on the computer. 

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  1. Hello Room 14
    Nice to meet you guys
    Oh Fergus is so cute!



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