Friday, 14 February 2014

Absolute Nonsense!

Yesterday we looked at nonsense writing. The idea was to avoid the "Common Sense Policeman" and just let ideas and scenarios fall out of our heads. I think It was a very successful exercise. Many of these pieces of writing had a strange dream-like feeling. Enjoy.

The adventures of the fat flying whale (a nonsense story) By Skye 

Once upon a time a long time ago, someone batted a whale and then the whale flew into a  basketball. The basketball hit Princess Rebuska in the head then she died. Then her cow finally got to wear her bra and knickers for the first time waddling down the road singing “It’s worth it by Jackie Thomas. The next day she woke up on the moon on a floating cow that was jumping into a bowl of crushed up aliens that was slowly being run over by a bulldozer on its way tot Pluto to deliver some kindly donated pizza from the sun. The pizza blew up then and this stupid story came to an end.

(untitled) By Luke

There once was a boy called Bob. He cut sausages into giraffes. Then the hippos all laughed and said, “You are crazy”. Everyone knows hippos make better patties.

So she sat in the garden painting her roses blue then walked inside and put some in the fishbowl where the sharks slept peacefully.She lept down the stairs and fell into a well where she meet a lion with wings,who flew her back out to Antarctica where she saw zebras sunbathing on the ice,so she lept into a canoe which was driven by a camel.

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