Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Geohazards Virtual Field Trip

We're off again! This time we are travelling to Seddon

Here are the Main Learning Areas!

Science Curriculum online

Click on the links below to find the 'Success Criteria' for each strand
Science: Planet Earth and Beyond Levels 2-8, Nature of Science Levels 2-8,
Social Studies: Place and Environment Levels 2-5.

Day 1 Diary

During this field trip we will:

  • travel to Seddon to investigate New Zealand's most recent substantial earthquake
  • see the effect of the Seddon events on the landscape and find out how it affected people
  • visit a place in Marlborough where a tsunami could land and assess the risks
  • go to locations in Marlborough where landslips have caused significant problems
  • discover the impacts of landslides and how these can be reduced
  • meet engineers, scientists and people involved in trying to understand natural hazards and how we cope with them
  • learn about instruments and processes used to detect and monitor New Zealand's geohazards

Where we are going

The South Island's Alpine Fault is a very distinct feature along most of its length. This is because the Southern Alps have been uplifted along their eastern side, making the fault clearly visible from space. The northern end of the Alpine Fault however splits into several parallel faults that spread out across the Marlborough region. There have been several recorded earthquakes in the region including in 1848 and 2013, and a tsunami in 1855. The Marlborough region is, not surprisingly one of the most seismically active in New Zealand and a very good place to explore the nature of geohazards!

After the field trip, challenge yourself to:

  • investigate the risks of earthquakes, tsunami and landslides and other geohazards in your local area
  • bookmark the GeoNet website so you can go there whenever you feel an earthquake tremor or hear about one

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