Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tie Dye T-Shirts

At the end of last term we tie dyed and screen printed our own t-shirts. Tell us what you think...


  1. Kia Ora Totara 3,
    It's Richard from Mamaku. I really like your t-shirts. How did you get the pattern on them because they look Miharo (amazing)?
    Mai Richard

  2. Hi my name is Steven from Waikowhai Primary.
    I really like how you used bright colour's to make your t-shirt pop and I like how you guys put a picture of what thing you liked. I also like the pictures on the t-shirts.It would be really cool if you could see my blog at
    P.S my teacher would also like to know how you guys made it could you tell us?

  3. Hi,
    My name is Alfred from Waikowhai Primary School. I realy like how you guys designed your own T-shirst in Bright colours, I wonder how did you make them? did you go to school in muffti and coloured it or used old clothes that the school gave to you. You guys are great designers. =)
    If you would like to see my blog go to

    P.S my teacher would like to know how did you guys did that.

  4. Hi my name is Chase from Waikowhai primary school i realy like how cool
    It look it look like fun to do come and check my blog at

  5. Hi my name is Marwa and i go to Waikowhai Primary School and I really like your t-shirt and it has lots of cool designs on it and it has lots of colours. You can come and check out my blog at

  6. wow i wish i could try that it looks very cool to do,it would be very cool to do at home why don't you come and check out my blog

  7. Kia Ora Totara 3. Its Kaleb from Mamaku 3. Your tops look awesome, were they hard to make. I might try that at home.

  8. Hello there room 14, this Serene from Waikowhai primary. I really like your tie dye t-shirts you made. Did you think of adding more writings to your t-shirts? come check out my blog at

    blog you later.

  9. hi my name is lamech and i am from waikowhai primay school. i really like your t-shirt work that you guys did and Can you guys tell me how to do it because i haven't tried it before and reply to my blog it's

  10. Ni hao, My name is Lily from Waikowhai Primary School. I really liked the tie dye shirts you made because it was very colourful and pretty, was it hard to make? Maybe next time you should say how you made it, and write more stuff at the top. I hope this comment help you! Come and see me a at my blog at

    Blog you later! -Lily

  11. Hello there every body this is Joshua c from Waikowhai primary school and I am commenting on this because the tie die t-shirts looked so cool. I have never seen clothes like this before. I think I would try to make one at home, by the way you could visit, comment and follow my blog at

  12. Hello Room 14 this is Zachary here I really like all of your tie dye t-shirts mine turned out like well... Bad, I especially like Alvin's T fox one :)


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