Friday, 8 April 2016


Hi there folks. Room 14 are on assembly this Friday. Here are the items well be presenting.

Curious Cove


This term we've written heaps of different things heres a snippet of some of them




As part of science this term we have looked at surface tension, buoyancy and the forces that affect things to either make them float of sink. Here is a link to Finlay's Blog that shows an experiment we did.

Float my Boat

Zak's Reflection on the WATER CYCLE

Oral Language

For Oral language we have recently found out that a certain food chain in New Zealand charges more for their food in poorer areas of NZ and less in richer areas. Here's some of the things we thought about this.

Waka Voyaging

We have begun our first Virtual Field Trip for the year. This week we have found out about about different kind of waka and how traditional navigation was done using a star compass

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