Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The ANZACS-From 'I Wonder' to 'Find Out'.

In the I Wonder stage there were 3 main questions we always need to answer.

  1. What can we Observe
  2. What do we already Know
  3. How might people view this in different ways
Answer all of these questions (and some of the possible questions) for one of the 'Hooks'. Do this on this blog and copy that and put it on yours. 

Once you have done that you can move to the Find Out stage. In this stage you need to use what you've seen and your 'inklings' from the I Wonder stage to begin to develop QUALITY questions. 

You need to seek and share information that helps you and others make sense of what you are exploring. You need to;
  • record facts and ideas, 
  • ask each other questions (and record these. This could be a blog post of a comment on a doc.)
  • Can you also challenge each other’s assumptions.
YOUR GOAL AT THIS STAGE IS TO FORM A RICH QUESTION TO GUIDE YOU INQUIRY DEEPER. This means beyond simple fact finding to develop and answer.This RICH QUESTION may need to be broken down into further parts.

Below are links to more hooks. As you use these, you must as yourself and document the 3 main key questions. DON'T RUSH


Hook 1 Henry Nicholas
Hook 2  Rikihana Carkeek
Hook 3 Recruitment
Hook 4 Tunneling at Arras
Hook 5 White Feather
Hook 6 Dental Hygiene

Our Links Add any things you find that others might like to use. Make sure you name what it is.

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