Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm Gone!

Hi everyone

I'm off to Hagley Oval today to take Mr B (oops I mean!) the cricket team to England v Scotland. Ms Lagan will be teaching you. I am always Tuesday also. A link to my planner can be found here. You'll need this to find your learning links. Please make sure you log into chrome and I can help out if you need me.

Your writing to is A Memory and the marking guides are here also. Don't forget to put your work up on your blog if you have had it reviewed by 2 others.

This afternoon we will begin our science topic. I would like you to create a 'genius hour' presentation of what 'Squeals your Wheels' about science? You can work in pairs. What would you like to find out more about. Germs? Rockets? Research something to find a little more about it.find a simple experiment the demonstrates your area.  These presentations will be presented to the class Thursday. This is also your home learning this week!

See you Wednesday can sit that test when i get back!

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