Monday, 23 June 2014


One last reminder...BRUNNER MINE THIS THURSDAY!!! I am still waiting on notices and money! Please can I have this tomorrow at the latest otherwise we may have to cancel!

Interim reports will go out this THURSDAY and student-led conferences are on Monday & Tuesday. Times will go out on Thursday.

Speeches will be held in class next week and I really want these done well an on time so NO HOMEWORK (I am a bit worried that there are many who have not used their time wisely).

However...If you want to practice your maths or re-do any old weeks of spelling...go ahead.

A notice went out on Friday for those in the LIP crew to ask their parents to fill in a VERY SHORT survey. I have had no responses! Please remind your parents. Here is the link

I am out of the class (again) today, as well as until lunchtime tomorrow. Here is the Planner

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