Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A day in the garden

Since the weather has begun to warm up a bit, Totara 1 decided to spruce up the garden, and plant out the many seedlings we started to grow the last term. 
Seedlings ready to go!

Planting out the peas
Many jobs needed to be down. Plenty of weeding needed to happen as well as sweetening up the soil. Kaleb was amazing at making sure the beds were ready for those coming in behind with the seedlings.

Jessica was such a workhorse. Not only did she plant out all the pumpkins, she singlehandedly weeded an entire box and planted out all the red cabbages. 

All of the green manure (lupins and mustard) needed to be dug into the soil as well. Corianna may be small in stature but worked very hard.

Richard looking after the garlic
All in all, it was such as a fantastic day. We achieved so much. I don't think I've ever seen such a hard working class. 

Adding sunflowers to Jordie's garden

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